Larry Lipman - Fun Team Building


22+ years of team building and success coaching. Larry graduated from Westminster High School in Atlanta Georgia. He earned his B.A. at the University of Virginia and M.Ed. at the University of San Diego. Along the way, Larry has been a Bailiff in Traffic Court, Algebra and Geometry Teacher, Basketball and Tennis Coach, Director of Summer Camp Aquatics Programs, Director of Sales, an Actor in T.V. and T.V. Commercials, and a Team Building Success Coach for the past 22 years. Larry specializes in teamwork, team building, and bringing out the best in TEAMS. Larry is a certified trainer and Success Coach. Larry works with small, medium, and large companies, corporations, teachers, educators, hospitals, lawyers, organizations, and clubs.


Any group of co-workers from 12 - 100 that needs team building and teamwork.


Passions are being grateful for doing what I love to do, tennis, scuba, biking, hiking, exercising, dancing, cooking, and exploring.

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