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Ayudos has been a top crowdfunding blog since January of 2013 and continues to bring informative and instructional news and tips for crowdfunding creators and backers. Ayudos.com is a top 20 Crowdfunding blog according to several top crowdfunding blog top lists including About.com (http://crowdfunding.about.com/od/Crowdfunding-blogs/tp/Top-Blogs-on-Crowdfunding.htm)


The Ayudos Crowdfunding Blog and Community is dedicated to helping the Crowd-funding community abroad by directly promoting and sharing Crowdfunding campaigns and projects with those interested in funding and investing great projects. We are passionate about helping Crowdfunding Campaigns Succeed in and Surpass their Goals! Our services are tailored specifically in assisting crowdfunding projects get more exposure and views thru new media and traditional marketing.


Crowdfunding, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Inventions, Video Games, Film

Awards and Recognition

Featured on About.com as 1 of the "Top Blogs on Crowdfunding" and "The best websites about crowdfunding" here: http://crowdfunding.about.com/od/Crowdfunding-blogs/tp/Top-Blogs-on-Crowdfunding.htm

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