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Co-author of five textbooks accredited specialist in the field of tourism in which we addressed the issue of communication for each job separately: Handbook technician in hotels (a receptionist in tourism) Handbook pension manager Confectioners Handbook Handbook technician in cooking Chef Handbook These books were published by LuxLibris accreditation with the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher on Education Speaker: Many speeches on the following topics: Motivation Courage Career Personal Development Overcoming fears Obtaining results Overcoming mental blocks Start-up business Self-motivation Trainer: Time management Training: More than 10 trainings Leadership training: More than 20 training Marketing and Sales strategies Courses: More than 20 courses Sales Training: More than 100 training session all over the country Team-building program: all over the Country Start up a business courses: More than 30 courses Conflict management: More than 10 training Team management: More than 5 training Communication: More than 10 training Change management: More than 5 training Customer service: More than 10 training Consultant: Consulting for business development, optimizing internal processes for companies and streamlining human resource companies in the following areas: IT Services Building Pharmacies Dentistry Gardening Agriculture Stations Clothing Industrial equipment Distribution Natural products Advertising material Coach: Life coach Career coach Business coach


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Awards and Recognition

Over 2000 people trained Over 2000 hours training supported Over 200 companies I worked Over 300 specialized books studied Co-author of five books specialist. Over 50 events we organized over Over 1000 hours advising

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