Luigi Wewege - President and CEO - - Vivier Group


We aim for a strong business and personal relationship with our clients. It is based on long-term partnership, founded on trust and discretion, with the aim of being a client’s trusted advisor on financial matters.


A profitable and long-lasting relationship requires – with their consent – getting to know and remaining in close contact with our clients. This focus allows us to offer each client a tailored solution to meet their financial goals.


Our profits are used to safeguard our financial independence. To guarantee clients’ satisfaction, we work not only to protect their capital but also to provide them with long-term positive performance. We do so while maintaining the highest ethical standards and an absolute respect of confidentiality.

Awards and Recognition

We offer a personal approach to preserving and growing your wealth through our core focus of savings accounts featuring above average returns, without market risk volatility. We achieve this by making highly selective loans, secured against real estate. We also offer accounts to those who require an international presence. An overseas current or savings account provides flexibility, discretion and in many cases enhanced security and confidentiality.

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