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MENS READING GLASSES ZIC™ Whether you want to sport geeky oversized glasses or you want to go for some chic rimless glasses it’s surely time for you to buy yourself a new pair. Recently, mens reading glasses have taken a cue from the trendy sunglasses worn by famous designers. While choosing the right reading glasses make sure you take the time to find an elegant pair with a classic appeal and hint of trendiness at the same time.


The designer labels that you’re used to seeing on the high street have crossed over into the world of designer eyewear and you can find a wide variety of styles available. Italy is of course the home of fashion and high end design so naturally that led us to home of elegance to find the best quality combined with style and poise. ZIC reading glasses with designer look are made up in Italy and are best option for your need of buying designer glasses. We think the designs by ZIC are at the forefront of eye wear design; they combine beautiful style with high-end lenses and top quality manufacturing processes and for us mean that ZIC glasses are the best options available right now. Each and every design of these designer glasses suits best with requirements of women as well as men and you will be surprised to see their ultimate eight unique color forms. The range for dioptics varies between +1.00 to +3.50 that is perfect for all users who are suffering with reading problems.


Some people also feel that reading glasses are more in weight and it becomes difficult to wear them for long time. So ZIC glasses technology brought the good news for you as it weighs only up to 13 grams; reason being it does not contain any metal parts, screws, and gluing as well as lacquering substances. ZIC reading glasses are constructed by using techno polymers that have very high quality of mechanical as well as physical performance with anti-allergic properties and acts like a protective cover against UV rays.

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These glasses have special joints in form of spherical arrangements between temples and front so that recoupling becomes easy during separation. These glasses possess very high quality and you need not to pay for its maintenance again and again, they are designed to serve you for long. If you are suffering with problem of Presbyopia and are in search of good quality reading glasses; ZIC designer reading glasses must be your first choice because they have power to serve you for longer time and suits best for every personality type.

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