B.L.U.E. Coalition

Welcome to the B.L.U.E. Coalition (Better Life Unity Education Coalition) a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization that Promotes Character Development in people of all ages world wide!!! Our Motto "BE WISE, BE KIND, BE CIVILIZED" Our Mission Our mission is to influence & inspire people to be better citizens of the world and make this world a wiser, kinder and more civilized place to live. Our new mission as of 2007 is to promote Safe Driving world wide. Road Traffic Crashes are the #1 Leading cause of death world wide for people ages 10-24 years old. Through Public Service Announcements and Documentaries, we intend to change this horrific statistic. Together through a serious public awareness campaign we can reduce the number of fatal and non-fatal car accidents. Please investigate our website to see how we making a differnce. Cheers! Christopher J. Wauben (Blue President) God Bless America and the Brave Men and Women who Preserve its Freedoms For some little known facts of American History Federal IRS Tax ID# 13-4129591 501 (c) (3) Tax exempt Non-profit Org. My Life Pictures Blue Coalition c/o Chris Wauben 2900 E. Grant St.Orlando, FL 32806 President of Blue Coalition Christopher J. Wauben 321-946-2274 Safe Driving PSA2 (Radio Version) Safe Driving PSA1 (Radio Version) To Watch the "Roadside Memorial" PSA Click on Picture Below Please find it in your heart to SPONSOR Blue Coalition by clicking sponsor button above. Your contribution will help save countless lives.