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VENTURA, CALIFORNIA – ( ) Sept 16, 2011 – It’s a story that challenges commonly held beliefs about ghosts and spirits. Without any of the hoopla and supernatural hocus pocus as revealed in television nightly series Ghost Hunters or Paranormal Activities, an amazing true story has come to light shattering commonly held ideas and Hollywood scripted reality shows which seek to glorify and scare their viewers with situations that obscure the truth about that dark side of life. J.H. Soeder’snew book Haddie’s in Our Closet,is a true story and with real people, people with ordinary lives who are suddenly thrown into a completely unplanned and unscripted walk into a little understood realm where opinions and speculation is rampant. For many, these kinds of shows feed off of a person’s on fears, and provide an eerie sense of evil, filmed with infra-red cameras and night-vision video feeds. The series are meant to scare the viewer and not really answer any questions, which of course promotes the next weekly show. But what would happen if ghosts were not always that scary? What if the truth was actually more sensational that the thousands of hours spent by script writers and script writers could ever write. It is all in J.H. Soeder’s book “Haddie’s in Our Closet”. It is the real life story of a real life ghost named “Haddie”, who is one hundred and fifty year old African American nanny. The story Soeder relates “…is a charmingly quirky ghost story” according to Kirkus Reviews, “…raising intriguing questions about the meaning of life and death.” And why could she be likened to a “Paranormal Mary Poppins” or even Nanny McPhee? “Believe it or not, Haddie followed us home and helped us with our kids. I would not have believe something possible like this, had I not experienced it personally,” Soeder said. How she did it and what she did is all in his book. “It just broke all the rules, all the things I had been told about ghosts, spirits and life after death. But it happened and it was real,” Soeder stated. This is the third book from Soeder. His first book True Tails, having won two national book awards, focuses on his personal experiences with the animal kingdom and has culminated in a blog site,, where he is an active environmentalist and writes about the need to protect our marine environment. The book is now available as both a paperback and e-book. The author’s website is Media Contact: Doug Hay Doug Hay & Associates 877-226-3823