I will coach you to career success in science, tech, engineering

Hello friends! Happy New Year for 2023! As we reflect on 2022 and what we’d like to improve, a lot of us think about our careers. Let’s face it - the job we have plays a big role in our life and happiness. Imagine spending 8 hours / 5 days a week doing work that makes you miserable. Imagine doing work that doesn’t fulfill you. Imagine doing work that has you feeling stuck or worse - not good enough. My friend Bashar can help. He’s the lead coach at BASHTASTIC COACHING. He comes from a similar background. He was born oversees and moved to the US as a kid. Bashar studied at top American universities in science and engineering and currently works at a FORTUNE 500 company. Most importantly, he has been in your shoes; he wants to help; and he has the experience to help you be successful. Checkout his BASHTASTIC COACHING gig at the link below. He’s offering a 75% discount ($35 off) on his Meet & Greet gig until January 30th! That means for just $10 you’ll get to discuss your situation for 30 minutes and figure out next steps that supercharge your career in 2023. Message him with your New Year’s resolution, and get started today! Cheers & Happy New Year!