Knockout Sports Tech Privated Limited

What happens when a group of die-hard fans of sport want to take their love to the next level? They get together and decide to enter a world of giants and established institutions with the dream of delivering to the current sport watching audience what they couldn’t get when they were fans. 12th Khiladi is an endeavour, a dream and an aspiration that its founders and team members are trying to achieve to change the world’s sports content canvas. Our motto is simple: The Sports Coverage You Deserve. How do we know what YOU want to read/see/watch? Well, the biggest reason is that WE ARE YOU. We, at 12th Khiladi. are an extended version of a sports fan trying to make coverage better. The ever- changing canvas of the sporting world requires media organisations around to adapt as well and 12th Khiladi aims to bring about a much-needed change in the way sport is consumed digitally. 12th Khiladi strives to become your ONE-STOP-SHOP for all sporting content, from breaking news to in-depth statistical analysis, from 30-second videos to 3-hour podcasts and from fantasy tips to fantasy gurus. WE WORK TO GIVE YOU a 360-degree solution, just like AB De Villiers in T20 cricket. Our significant albeit small journey has been full of small steps but giant strides in the right direction and at the end, we wish to marry mass and class, when it comes to the world of sporting content. THE GAME HAS JUST BEGUN.