Torrance, California (March 21, 2011) – Each year over two million orthopedic surgeries are performed for bone and joint pain related to problematic knees, shoulders, backs, elbows, wrists, ankles and necks. However, according to reports, many patients are unhappy with their surgical outcomes due to unrealistic expectations and lingering pain. Furthermore, due to improper diagnosis and information exchange, patients often fail to make responsible choices for the appropriate medical care required. To address these issues and better prepare patients for orthopedic surgery, Dr. Stuart Gold recently launched www.OrthopedicSurgeryBook.com. This unique website offers an “Orthopedic Surgery Learning Center” for patients as well as an “Orthopedic Surgery Blog” which is actively managed by Dr. Gold. Dr. Stuart Gold, M.D.C.M, is a board certified orthopedic surgeon who has over 23 years experience with sports injuries, joint replacement, arthritis, complex acute limb fractures, reconstruction and limb salvage. “During the past 23 years, I’ve performed over 15,000 procedures,” noted Gold, “OrthopedicSurgeryBook.com provides a special opportunity for me to help patients avoid the common pitfalls of orthopedic surgery.” To further support patients, Dr. Gold has written and self-published The Patient’s Guide To Orthopedic Surgery, which is now available at OrthopedicSurgeryBook.com. Dr. Gold stated, “I am not a writer; I am a surgeon. However, this book was conceived and written out of my growing sense of discomfort when watching friends, family members and acquaintances experience long, sometimes painful, surgical procedures without a real understanding of what they were about to go through—or what outcome they could reasonably expect in the aftermath of surgery.” To learn more about Dr. Gold or The Patient’s Guide To Orthopedic Surgery, please visit OrthopedicSurgeryBook.com. About Dr. Stuart Gold Stuart M. Gold, M.D.C.M, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has over 23 years of practice specializing in sports injuries; joint replacement, arthritis, complex acute limb fractures, reconstruction and limb salvage. Gold is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in limb reconstruction and salvage. Born in Montreal, Canada, Dr. Gold is the director of Orthopedic Institute in Torrance, California. He has been involved in orthopedic education for 20 years and is currently the Chief of Fracture Reconstruction and an Associate Clinical Professor of Orthopedics at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Contact: Dr. Stuart Gold, (310) 542-3472 19000 Hawthorne Avenue, Suite 100 Torrance, California 90503