Parkswood Tree Centre

Parkswood tree centre is a tree and garden centre in Passge East, Waterford, growing a range of native and ornamental trees and also hedging plants. Providing a few of the most premium trees in Ireland, our trees come in a variety of varieties and varieties. It is suitable for the small urban garden, the larger rural country location, and also coastal or exposed sites. Alternatively, you might have a specific spot where you want to create a small woodland grove, or be seeking a special tree to locate near a pond or water feature. We can supply and also advise the best trees for your space. Whether that is the most effective trees to grow on the coast or if you are looking for trees for privacy or a large building project, we are happy to advise on the best trees for your project. Some of our most popular trees include - Noble fir Christmas Trees - Evergreen oak tree - Birch trees - Apple trees - Mountain ash trees - Hawthorn trees - Holly trees - Fruit trees - Pine trees - Ash trees - Chestnut trees