Polestar Garments

Polestar Garments is a leading apparel manufacturer and exporter in Tirupur, engaged in offering a wide range of garments for men, women, kids, babies and new-borns. Empowered by a professional team, rich in technical and production experience, we are committed to provide seamless communications, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and best quality, there by standing out amongst the many manufacturers in India. We are a softwear company Polestar Garments is an India based company creating unique, superior quality clothing for men, women, kids and babies. Polestar Garments was founded a decade ago out of a desire to provide affordable, beautiful and simple products made with finest care and quality , the Pioneers in Global Clothing. “We are committed to provide the highest quality clothing and a solid craftsmanship in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.” Our in-depth understanding of the men’s wear garment inspires the trendy and modern styles. Our Men’s wear garment is focused on Exceptional fit, Superior quality and Durability. We are the custom BABY clothing manufacturer , having a team of designers and employees with good experience and dedication to bring out all of the baby wear products of top quality, making your babies and kids with fashion look adorable and trendy. Definitely ours is popular baby and kids clothing of every mother ‘s choice.