'Education Superpower-India' Showcases Institutions with 'Global Competitive Edge' & Offers 'Admissions' at the 2 Biggest Education Fairs in Thailand

While 26th January 2008 will mark 60 years of Indo-Thai diplomatic relations, for Indian expats it will also be reminiscent of 60 fruitful years of India being a Republic! This year, two of the largest international education fairs from India will hit Bangkok on the same date. The dual fairs have been titled, the 4th IIPSE (India International Premier Schools Exhibition) catering essentially to parents of 4 to 18 year old school kids & IEF (International Education Fair) targeting students between 18 to 25 years. The fairs have been conceived to meet a growing demand for Indian education in Thailand, considering that every year more than 25,000 students travel to India for the purpose & besides expat Indians, even local Thais are beginning to appreciate it's value!