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Dr. Timm Relies on Digital Imaging Technology

LogoAnyone who remembers the old way of having X-rays taken with the uncomfortable cardboard square will appreciate the many types of digital imaging that Dr. Timm has available. The uses of digital X-rays serve a dual purpose. They expose patients and staff to 90% less radiation and they show a much clearer picture than the old X-rays did.

Dr. Timm Recommends Porcelain Crowns for Patients

LogoIndividuals suffering from tooth decay, broken fillings, gaps between teeth, and other dental ailments are often not completely aware of how porcelain crowns can help them. Dr. Richard Timm of All Family Dental understands the benefits brought about by this particular type of restoration. Not only are porcelain crowns very durable, they are also designed to look just like natural teeth.

Dr. Timm Explains Temporomandibular Dysfunction

LogoThe temporomandibular joints are "hinges" connecting the jaw to the skull and are located in front of each ear. They allow rotations as well as sliding and gliding movements in the jaw and are unique as no other bodily joints function the same way.

Dr. Timm Explains the Dreaded Root Canal Treatment

LogoEndodontics refers to the branch of dentistry dealing with the cause, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp inside the tooth. Treatment usually involves removing the nerve and other pulp cavity tissue, and replacing it with suitable filling material. Most individuals get anxious upon hearing that they have to undergo a root canal treatment. Dr. Rick Timm performs root canal procedures that allow his patients to keep the natural tooth after ridding it of infection.

Dr. Timm Offers Patients Same-Day Crowns with CEREC

LogoIn the past, patients would have to visit the dentist’s office not once, but twice, to have a crown placed. Now, Dr. Richard Timm of All Family Dental is offering his patients new technology that enables him to place a permanent crown in just one visit to his office.

Dr. Timm Makes Going to the Dentist a Happy Experience for Children

LogoDr. Timm states, “I am confident that the visit will give the parents and child the tools needed to achieve great oral health to last a lifetime.” Dr. Timm knows that each child is unique and that he needs to provide a positive experience for the child.

Dr. Timm Participates in Open Wide Clinic Trip in Guatemala

LogoDr. Frank Spears and his partners were the driving force behind the Open Wide clinics in developing countries. Dr. Frank Spears said. “I was blessed to have tremendous partners who believed in us and our vision. They recognized what a great opportunity it was to provide essential dental care for people who need it most desperately, and they threw their weight behind it from the beginning.” Guatemala is a predominantly poor country that struggles in several areas of health and development, including infant, child, and maternal mortality, malnutrition, literacy, and contraceptive awareness and use.

Dr. Richard Timm of All Family Dental Endorses Dental Implants

LogoBy using implants, the doctors at All Family Dental are able to bring back the ability to chew and enjoy food to patients, while also eliminating the inconvenience and embarrassment associated with removable teeth. A dental implant is a substitute tooth root made of titanium that is anchored into the jaw bone to provide an anchored foundation for restorations. Unlike a bridge, an implant is an independent restoration that does not rely on adjacent teeth for stability.

Dr. Richard Timm Invited to Be Contributing Author

LogoDr. Timm is actively involved in the community of St. Paul and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Richard Timm Explains Sleep Apnea and Offers Treatment

LogoSleep apnea is characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing while asleep. Each pause, called an apnea, can last from at least 10 seconds to minutes and may occur five to 30 times or more per hour.