American Collectors Insurance

"The Details Matter," Says American Collectors Insurance

LogoAccording to both their website and the recent commercial they aired on Velocity, American Collectors Insurance differentiates themselves from other classic auto insurance providers because of their focus on the details. Like classic car owners who pride themselves on the finite features of their vehicles, from the wood on the dashboard to the fabric of the seats, American Collectors Insurance takes pride in the features of the plans they offer their customers. From Agreed Value to TLC (towing and labor for collectors), it's easy to see why American Collectors Insurance is the company collectors go to for car insurance.

New Commercial from American Collectors Insurance Highlights Agreed Value and More

LogoAmerican Collectors Insurance, the insurance provider for classic car collectors, is pleased to announce that they have a commercial which recently aired on Velocity. The commercial itself focuses on American Collectors Insurance's message: Details matter. Everything from the wood on a classic car's steering wheel down to the rubber on the tires makes each classic vehicle unique. In keeping with that, the details of a classic car's insurance policy should be viewed through the same lens. Specifically, details like agreed value make classic car insurance policies the only practical option for classic car collectors. Those interested in American Collectors Insurance's classic auto insurance policies are encouraged to view the commercial here, or call 800-360-2277 for a free quote.

American Collectors Insurance Held Their 7th Annual Car Show June 11, 2016

LogoAmerican Collectors Insurance is a company that provides insurance for collector vehicles, rods and customs, antiques and collector motorcycles, collectibles, and more. Although they are located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, they offer classic car insurance and other types of insurance to collectors across the United States. They understand that a collector's vehicle is more than just a car: It's their passion, and American Collectors Insurance ensures that it will be protected with coverage that serves the unique needs of the collector. To celebrate that passion, they host an annual car show for owners to show off their classic, antique, and collector vehicles. This year, they held their 7th Annual Car Show on June 11th, 2016.

American Collectors Insurance Provides Insurance for Collector Vehicles This Summer

LogoAmerican Collectors Insurance is an insurance provider, located in Cherry Hill, NJ, for collector vehicles, antique and classic motorcycles, rods and customs, and collectibles such as action figures, model trains, coins, and more. They will protect almost any possession that has value to a customer. This organization has nearly 40 years of experience and is considered a leader in their industry. They offer classic car insurance because they understand that for some, it's more than just their car, it's their passion. They also provide antique car insurance for vehicles that plan to be in car shows this summer.

Classic and Antique Car Insurance Policies Available in Time for Spring 2016 from American Collectors Insurance

LogoAmerican Collectors Insurance, the Cherry Hill, NJ-based provider of classic car insurance, is encouraging owners of classic and antique automobiles to invest in the kind of specialized insurance they need to rest assured that their collectible automobiles are protected.

7th Annual ACI Car Show to Support Local Charity

LogoAmerican Collectors Insurance provides classic car insurance and antique truck insurance policies to collectors all across the nation from their Cherry Hill, NJ location. Each year, the company hosts an annual car show for local owners of classic, antique and collectible vehicles to gather and showcase their prized items. To register for the 7th Annual ACI Car Show, click here. Food and refreshments will be served, and spaces will be distributed on a first come, first served basis; so, those who attend with friends are encouraged to arrive together in order to be placed next to one another.

Multiple Coverage Options and More from American Collectors Insurance

LogoAmerican Collectors Insurance is pleased to announce that prospective policyholders can now take the next step toward insuring their collectible vehicles by getting a free classic car insurance quote on the company's webpage. While there, visitors are invited to learn about the different policy options and prices the company offers.

American Collectors Insurance Partners with Carz N Toyz for 7th Annual ACI Car Show

LogoAmerican Collectors Insurance, a leading antique car insurance company, is pleased to announce that their 7th Annual ACI Car Show is set to take place on Saturday, June 11, 2016. The event will take place from 11:00AM-3:00PM at Camden Catholic High School, which is located at 300 Cuthbert Blvd. in Cherry Hill, NJ.

American Collectors Insurance Offers Specialized Policies for Car Collectors

LogoSoon enough, garages all over America will begin to hum and rumble as the country's car collectors prepare their vehicles for the spring time. In anticipation of the warmth of the year's driving seasons, American Collectors Insurance wants to remind those collectors to make sure their prized possessions are fully protected with a proper classic car insurance policy.

American Collectors Insurance Offers Agreed Value, Inflation Guard, and More for Classic Car Owners

LogoCar buffs and gearheads across the country are pulling the covers off of their collectible vehicles as they get ready to soak up the sun and cruise around in the warmth of the spring. As they do, the folks at American Collectors Insurance wants them to bear in mind that the only thing more precious than the satisfaction of owning a classic car is the assurance of knowing its full value is protected with a proper classic car insurance policy. With that in mind, American Collectors Insurance is pleased to announce that their classic car insurance policies are available for antique car collectors who are gearing up for the warm weather and getting their vehicles ready for the spring.