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Carosella & Associates Supports Families when Ownership of an Estate Is in Dispute

LogoWest Chester law firm Carosella & Associates provides families with the compassionate, competent legal support they need when dealing with estate ownership disputes. Their probate attorneys understand that the loss of a loved one can be challenging, and locating assets and determining ownership of an estate can be financially and emotionally draining.  The team at Carosella & Associates is experienced in handling estate ownership disputes and can help make the process more expedient for grieving families.

Carosella & Associates Help Remarried Couples Update Their Estate Planning Documents

LogoThe team at West Chester law firm Carosella & Associates understands that updating an estate plan after remarrying can be a complex endeavor, especially when children are involved. Their estate planning attorneys and family lawyers work collaboratively to help clients protect their assets while taking multifaceted family dynamics into account.

Carosella & Associates Assists Clients with Division of Property During Divorce in PA

LogoThe family law team at West Chester law firm Carosella & Associates provides practical solutions and top-notch legal representation for clients facing divorce. Understanding how property division works in Pennsylvania is critical to reaching a fair divorce settlement agreement. In many cases, division of property is not a simple 50/50 split. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, which means division of property in a divorce is based on the court's determination of what is fair, considering the circumstances. The divorce attorneys at Carosella & Associates help clients prepare for all aspects of divorce, including property division, child custody, spousal and child support, and alimony.

Carosella and Associates Help with Estate Planning Strategies for Parents with Minor Children

LogoCarosella & Associates provides estate planning services for clients of all ages. It is never too early or too late to plan for the future. It is particularly important for parents of minor children to create a will and other vital estate planning documents to ensure their children's needs are met according to their wishes should they pass away. The experienced wills and trusts attorneys at Carosella & Associates help families craft effective estate plans that give them peace of mind and protect their interests. In addition to allowing parents to name guardians for their children, wills, trusts and other estate planning tools can help to ensure their assets are protected so children can have access to them when they are older.

Carosella and Associates Help Blended Families Understand Their Estate Strategies

LogoThe team at West Chester law firm Carosella & Associates knows that estate planning can be a difficult subject to broach, especially in blended families. It is never too early to plan for the future and ensure your wishes are carried out as you intended. The estate planning lawyers at Carosella understand the unique challenges that blended families often face when it comes to issues surrounding inheritance. Their wills and trusts attorneys take a comprehensive look at clients' finances, assets, family situations and estate planning goals to help them develop practical solutions that meet their specific needs.

Carosella & Associates Help Their Clients with Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

LogoThe family law attorneys at Carosella & Associates recommend that clients consider marital agreements before tying the knot or when big life changes occur. Although many relationships last a lifetime, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can help protect a client's assets in the event of a divorce. Even in the best of marriages, conflict over finances happens, and when divorce is involved things can become contentious. A divorce attorney who is experienced in drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can help couples head off these issues before they start.

Bankruptcy Can Affect Child Support. Carosella & Associates Are Here to Help

LogoFull-service law firm Carosella & Associates helps clients resolve issues surrounding child support and bankruptcy. Child support and alimony are non-dischargeable debt that must still be paid even if someone files for bankruptcy. They often take precedence over other debts when to comes to repayment. Although an automatic stay is usually placed on collection actions when filing for bankruptcy, it does not mean that collection of child support payments are halted.

Carosella & Associates Ensure the Protection of Personal or Business Real Estate Investment

LogoAt West Chester law firm Carosella & Associates, the collaborative team of real estate lawyers, business attorneys and contracts lawyers understand that a major purchase such as real estate is often a lifetime investment. The attorneys at Carosella & Associates handle all types of real estate transactions and offer clients effective options to protect their businesses, personal interests and assets. From assisting clients with choosing the right insurance to dealing with title issues, their real estate attorneys help to ensure clients' property and investments are fully protected.

Carosella & Associates Provides Comprehensive Estate Planning Services in Southeastern Pennsylvania

LogoWest Chester law firm Carosella & Associates offers a full range of estate planning services that are tailored to meet clients' individual needs. It is never too early to plan for the future. Whether a client needs help creating an estate plan or requires assistance with probate, Carosella & Associates' experienced legal team works collaboratively to provide creative, effective solutions.

Carosella & Associates P.C. Featured in Suburban Life for a Second Time

LogoCarosella & Associates is excited to announce that their West Chester law firm has been featured in an article in Suburban Life magazine for a second time. Founder, Vince Carosella, possesses an extensive background as a hands-on business owner and enjoys using his knowledge and legal acumen to help entrepreneurs and business owners thrive. In addition to their focus in corporate and business law, Carosella & Associates is a full-service law firm that provides a large firm experience at a small firm price. Their dedicated team of associates, paralegals, and administrative staff work collaboratively to help clients find creative solutions to complex issues.