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Choice MedWaste Advises Healthcare Workers on Guidelines for Handling Medical Waste Contaminated with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

When it comes to handling infectious waste disposal in Montgomery County, nobody does it better than Choice MedWaste. But safe disposal of regulated medical waste isn't a one-way street — while healthcare facilities and laboratories can always rely on services such as Choice MedWaste to practice safe and state-approved disposal methods, there are guidelines all healthcare workers can follow to ensure safety and legal compliance before medical waste contaminated with Coronavirus is picked up for disposal.

Choice MedWaste Provides Safer Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal in Montgomery County

Medical professionals and medical office managers know first-hand how important it is to properly dispose of medical waste. Medical and pharmaceutical waste, if not properly disposed of, can cause a serious health and safety risk for both employees of the facility as well as outside sanitation and waste professionals. Choice MedWaste is proud to provide medical and pharmaceutical waste management in Montgomery County to help medical service providers continue to offer top-quality treatments without worrying about where their waste is going.

Choice MedWaste Offers EPA-Compliant Dental Amalgam Disposal

Dental professionals and dental office managers who have not yet installed their EPA-compliant amalgam separators and disposal systems are encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste to learn about how their biohazard waste disposal in Philadelphia, PA can help properly package, separate, and remove amalgam waste.

Choice MedWaste Offers Safe Disposal of Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical waste requires a special disposal process to avoid contamination of the environment and public safety concerns. Failure to follow strict pharmaceutical disposal standards can result in health concerns for both employees and patients, and the facility may be cited and issued an expensive fine. From Hazardous to Non-Hazardous medications, Choice MedWaste can help those in need of pharmaceutical medical waste disposal by removing these hazardous chemicals properly, quickly, and safely.

Choice MedWaste Helps Protect Healthcare Professionals from Accidental Infection

For healthcare professionals, an accidental needlestick from an infected syringe can be a life-altering hazard. From HIV to hepatitis B, medical professionals must safely navigate a number of potential sources of exposure every day. Healthcare professionals and facility managers looking for a more convenient way to protect their health and the health of their employees are encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste to schedule their OSHA-approved biohazardous waste removal or purchase the sharps containers and training necessary to reduce the risk of needle sticks.

Choice MedWaste Offers Flexible Pricing for Medical Facilities

Medical facility owners and managers who feel trapped in their current contract controlling their medical waste disposal in Lancaster County, PA are encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste today to learn about how their flexible pricing can provide a more individualized solution to the issue of biohazard removal.

Choice MedWaste Offers Flexible Pricing to Save Time and Money

Choice MedWaste knows that for medical professionals, saving money is at the top of their priority list. Their team is proud to provide a flexible pricing model for those ordering sharps and amalgam waste containers in Wilmington DE — without a lengthy contract or penalties for smaller orders.

Choice MedWaste Offers a Wide Range of Medical Waste Disposal Products

Medical professionals who are in need of an expanded set of waste disposal products for their facility are encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste today to learn about their extensive selection of OSHA-compliant products for medical waste disposal in Lancaster PA. With a number of different options for sharps containers(from chemotherapy to pharmaceutical), red bags, medical waste boxes and accessories, Choice MedWaste is quickly becoming Pennsylvania's number one resource for everything needed to safely and securely remove medical waste and biohazardous materials.

Choice MedWaste Offers Healthcare Workers Tips on Safe Sharps Handling

Healthcare professionals who are looking to learn more about how to stay safe around needles and other sharps are encouraged to check out this month's blog post from Choice MedWaste, one of Pennsylvania's top professional providers of biohazard waste disposal in Lancaster, PA. With a staff dedicated to the safe removal of medical waste, the team at Choice MedWaste is also committed to helping healthcare workers understand how to prevent sharps injuries and what to do if an accident occurs in their workplace.

Choice MedWaste Attends 2018 Healthcare Waste Institute Conference

Choice MedWaste, a sharps waste disposal company servicing Lancaster County, prides itself on staying up to date with the latest trends in medical waste technology and environmental regulations Their staff recently returned from attending the 2018 Healthcare Waste Conference in Las Vegas, NV.