Now Clients Can Overcome Email Outages with CloNav's Trusted Email Continuity Providers

Email is undeniably the most important form of communication in business; one cannot afford risks like an email outage for any extended length of time. However, now, you can overcome every email outage with the help of CloNav, a trusted consultant for companies comparing email continuity providers.

CloNav Now Offers Disaster Recovery with Industry-Leading Infrastructure

CloNav Cloud broker, aggregator and consultant, has partnered with industry leading disaster recovery providers to help businesses minimize downtime in the event of unavoidable disaster. The Cloud is becoming the primary defense against data loss as it ensures maximum recovery rate at minimal risk. What businesses have to consider is – which provider will best support their needs? CloNav simplifies the decision process when determining which Disaster Recovery Provider is the best fit for a given businesses specific needs. This gives businesses a chance to relax when disaster strikes, protecting both company reputation and revenue by reducing business downtime.

CloNav Now Provides the Most Seamless Email Continuity Solutions

CloNav Cloud broker, an aggregator and consultant of Cloud services, now boasts to provide email continuity solutions, offering an affordable standby email failover system that activates in minutes, providing virtually uninterrupted access to email in the event of a mail server outage. Its high availability email continuity solutions are synchronized with the primary email system including contacts, calendars, distribution lists and global address lists.

DigiTel Services Introduces CloNav, Cloud Brokerage

DigiTel Services creates CloNav, a Cloud Brokerage division of the master agency after ten years in the industry. CloNav was launched with the intent to make purchasing and implementing cloud based services easy for small to medium businesses. Seasoned staff with a deeply rooted network of providers allow CloNav to offer clients a higher level of confidence when transitioning to a cloud computing service provider. CloNav offers a full suite of cloud solutions through their network of strategic partners. Cloud solutions offered include, high availability Disaster Recovery services, Email Continuity solutions, Virtual Servers, and Public, Private and Hybrid environments.