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Penn State's Infusion Dance Competition Set for Saturday

LogoThis Saturday at Penn State’s second annual Infusion dance competition, nine dance teams from all over the country will take the stage at Eisenhower Auditorium to compete for $3,000 in cash and prizes and a bid to a national competition in San Francisco called Bollywood America.

'Dance Spectrum' to Feature New Guest Choreographer

LogoGearing up for its 45th annual spring production, the Hancock College dance program will feature professional hip-hop artist, choreographer, performer and singer Tamarr Paul in “Dance Spectrum,” running March 13-16 in the newly renovated Marian Theatre on the Santa Maria campus.

Showtime Dance Promotions sharesTips on Keeping New Year's Resolutions

LogoAnother fun fact: three of the top New Year’s resolution involve physical wellness: losing weight is always at the top, followed closely by enjoying life, and rounded out by the desire to tackle basic fitness goals, such as competing in an athletic event. These are all excellent goals to have as a new life chapter starts to be written. But with stats that can deflate a person’s hopes to achieving their goal, it can be difficult to stay motivated.

Showtime Dance Promotions : Exercises for Hamstring Flexibility

LogoShowtime Dance Promotions a devoted Pilates fan herself after discovering its benefits during her dance career, says the exercise will be of use to many people as tight hamstrings are a very common problem amongst the population in general. The two studios she manages in Adelaide see many clients with walking and running difficulties caused by tight hamstrings.

Choosing the Right Professional Ballet Barres for Performance Studios

LogoWhen choosing your wall-mounted ballet barres, check on the following:

Dance Like a Star: Showtime Dance Promotions Offers Comprehensive Instructional DVD Set

LogoAll dancers now have the opportunity to learn the awe-inspiring lifts and partnering techniques used by the stars of dance. The world’s most comprehensive video guide to learning Pas De Deux (partnering) is now available from the Showtime Dance Promotions to fill the void that currently exists at dance studios around the world.

Salsa Festival Serves Up Live Music and Dance in Kelowna

Logo"There's salsa festivals from Tokyo to Berlin to LA to New York," said Michelle Hyde-Wright, one of the organizers, "but this is the first time we've ever had one here in Eugene, so it's pretty exciting."

ART BEAT: Prestigious Dance Competition Returns to Gwinnett

LogoYAGP is no ordinary competition. The Grand Prix is international in scope with competitions in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Japan and Belgium. There are 14 semifinals in the U.S. from coast to coast. A major motion picture titled “First Position” was distributed to great acclaim last year, depicting the lives of young dancers aspiring to compete in the finals. This year these finals will occur in New York City in early April.