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UIY Technology: Leading RF/Microwave Components Supplier Worldwide

UIY RF Isolator safeguards the reflected power from coming back to the output of the transmitter. It further also stops other signals from coming back to their way into the output of the transmitter. It is a double port device, which is made up of magnets and other ferrite material. It is also used to protect the RF components as well. Here, the frequency ranges from 0.8 to 18.0 GHZ. This isolator normally is of five main types like coaxial, drop in, broadband, dual junction and surface mount. Each of them has its own characteristics. Coaxial Isolator is dual junction and serves for high isolation also. This type of isolator is mainly used for commercial, space and military applications.

UIY Technology Company Manufactures Microwave Components

Engineering involved in the manufacture of core components in any industry is quite critical. Core components are like processors and other chip-level components in computer. UIY Technology Co. Ltd. is involved with similar line of production. It manufactures microwave/RF components such as attenuator, drop in circulator, coupler, filter, coaxial isolator, etc., which have widespread utility in digital television, microwave communication system, radar system, radio paging and RF systems. Sufficient expertise is required in core engineering as these parts are vital for the system to work efficiently. The products of the company support 3G, GSM, LTE and Wimax for devices that need connectivity.