Equilibrium Corp.

Equilibrium Is Changing the Definition of Beautiful by Emphasizing Curves, Natural Beauty

LogoWe live in an age where skinny models get the lion share of attention, but one company is bucking that trend – opting for a product that emphasizes curves and lifts up the beautiful women of the world, regardless of size. Equilibrium Corp., based in Chicago, with manufacturing facilities in Cali, Colombia, is going against the grain in many aspects with their expansive line of shapewear and jeans. They have made curves a premium, accentuating the features of slender women and highlighting the curves of other women. Their products draw attention to the parts of the body that are most attractive: hips, butt, bust, and even a slimmer waist! The large selection of Equilibrium shapewear includes special pieces for every occasion like daily use, under party dresses, post-partum, workouts – including the innovative waist trainer and sport pants all-in-one.