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Evo Promotions Comment on How Kent Students Will Get Cheap Bus Travel

Evo Promotions is based locally in Maidstone and specialises in sales and marketing. The Managing Director of Evo Promotions welcomes the announcement of subsidised travel for youngsters saying, ‘this is such an important step in ensuring youngsters have more mobility and freedom.’ Sixth formers and college students are to get subsidised bus travel – but it will cost £520 a year to buy a pass. Kent County Council said this amounted to just £10 a week and was far cheaper than the actual cost of the travel card to the authority of £750 and the current travel costs for 16-19-years-old in education, which often amounts to as much as £900.

Evo Promotions on the Perils of a Red Meat Diet

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that a diet high in red meat can shorten life expectancy. The study of more than 120,000 people suggested red meat increased the risk of death from cancer and heart problems. The study also found that substituting red meat with fish, chicken or nuts lowered the risks, the authors said.

Evo Promotions Comments on a Maidstone School Welcoming Changes to ICT Teaching

A computing specialist school in Kent has welcomed proposed changes to how information and communications technology (ICT) is taught. Maidstone's Oakwood Park Grammar School, graded outstanding by Ofsted, already teaches some of the new ICT elements proposed by the government. Year seven students develop computer games and GCSE and A-level computing has been introduced at the school. Head teacher Kevin Moody said: "I agree with what the government is doing. ICT hasn't been particularly exciting. The focus has been on process rather than problem solving and I welcome what it is trying to do. It is good to get the support and will be good for the future." Managing Director of Evo Promotions commented on this, saying “ICT is one of the most important subjects to study – with technology advancing more each day it’s important that students have a thorough and current understanding of all aspects of ICT.”

Evo Promotions Reflect on 800-Year-Old Wine Shop Re-opening in Wye

An ancient 800-year-old wine shop in Wye is set to reopen, due to the ambitious designs of owner Patrick Keegan. Located in Upper Bridge Street, the medieval undercroft is believed to have been a store stocking wine imported from Bordeaux, France in the late 13th Century. Restoration works have been under way for the past 18 months, to open the grade 2, listed cellar to the public. Evo Promotions Managing Director Georgina Smith commented, calling it an “an interesting project and a great example of how determination and focus can really achieve great things.”

Evo Promotions Comments on Volunteer Taxi Service Stretched to the Limit

‘Stretched to the limit and being taken for a ride’ is just some of the many problems plaguing this volunteer taxi service, but for the elderly people of Carillon Cottage this taxi service is an everyday necessity. Volunteers of Carillon Cottage in the high street started the service to help villagers who were unable to get around themselves or get to vital appointments, but the free taxi service in Wadhurst is finding it hard to cope now that the NHS has taken away their own car. Evo Promotions said “The NHS decision to remove their car from a service they know so many people rely on was irresponsible, but as long as there are people willing to give up their time to provide the service to the villagers the taxi service will survive” Sarah Rogers said “they now faced a difficult dilemma, We very much feel it is cost-saving for the NHS by abolishing its car service but the voluntary sector is left picking up the pieces,"

Evo Promotions Comments on Fire Station Closures in Kent

The Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority (KMFRA), is set to make major changes over the next three years, after a review of its services and a drop in all-outs. Plans have been approved to close eight fire stations in the county. The move comes as part of a 25% budget cut proposed by the KMFRA, and the organization says that the closures will help to ensure that stations and equipment are in the right place, stating that five new stations will be built to take their place. “It’s great to see the Fire Service re-evaluating and dealing with new demands and challenges,” said a source from Evo Promotions, a Maidstone-based sales and marketing company.

Evo Promotions Comments on UK Students Switching to US Universities

Anthony Seldon, head of Wellington College in Berkshire predicts that within four years, a quarter of sixth formers at a leading UK independent school will be heading for universities in the United States of America.

Evo Promotions’ Reaction to Slow Starting Pupils Unable to Catch Up

On Thursday The Department for Education published data for England's primary schools. It found that Three-quarters of children in England who make a slow start in the "Three Rs" at primary school fail to catch up by the time they leave and more than a third (39%) of pupils who make a bright start are no longer reaching advanced levels when they leave. The Managing Director of Maidstone based Evo Promotions commented “These findings are quite worrying. Their futures rely on them getting the best start possible”.

Evo Promotions Takes a Look at Google Music That Is Expected to Launch and Compete With Apple’s Itunes

With the Catch line ‘Set your music free’ and having the ability to upload up to 20,000 songs from your personal music collection Google Music is going to become a serious contender Apple’s iTune. Evo Promotions is excited by the fact that there is going to be increased competition in this market and the Managing Director of says , ‘It is a well know fact that with more companies offering the same services within an industry the consumer can expect better value for money and more variety.’