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Free Picture Solutions Launches JPG to GIF Image Converter Ideal for Web Design Use

JPG is often considered the go-to format for online images due to its relatively lightweight file sizes and automatic image compression. However, GIF offers several advantages over JPG in that it supports clearer images and transparent backgrounds, albeit with less richness of color. For those who wish to create lightweight icons and logos to be overlaid on backgrounds, as is common practice in web design, Free Picture Solutions has created a new software to allow users to convert JPG to GIF and get the best from their images within a design context.

New Universal Image Editor for Basic Fixes Offered by Free Picture Solutions

Photos are now a ubiquitous part of our lives, with a camera in the back (and sometimes front) of every phone, and regular updates to Facebook of everything from holiday destinations to coffee choices. As a result, the level of photography people produce is rising across the board, and many wish to edit their images in post before uploading them for everyone to see. The most obvious of such tools is Instagram, but for those who want more options but still find Photoshop intimidating and overcrowded, Free Picture Solutions has devised an image editor with a difference.

Free Picture Solutions Develops PNG to JPG Converter to Optimize Images for Online Sharing

The PNG format was created to store high fidelity images with support for special applications such as the preservation of transparency in an image so it can be overlaid over a second image in the background. While useful in some situations, for larger images the PNG quickly becomes unwieldy in size, leading individuals to look for a more economical solution. Free Picture Solutions has launched just that, with a free software that allows users to convert PNG to JPG, a far more web friendly image format that creates lightweight files for fast and smooth display.

Free Picture Solutions Devises GIF to JPG Convertor to Create Stills from Animations

GIFs are an animated image file that displays several frames in the form of a moving video without requiring any commands or hosting software, and are usually used to convey short incidents or stories of a humorous or novel nature. When hoping to share great moments within GIFs however, there is currently no way to save single frames in the way that individuals can get screen grabs from movies. That is now possible thanks to Free Picture Solutions, who has created new software that allows users to convert GIF to JPG, to capture still images from GIFs using their PC and this simple tool.

JPG to PNG Converter for Higher Quality Alternatives Launched by Free Picture Solutions

For many years, JPG has been the most common file type for images owing to its lightweight size and ability to compress images. However, JPG has been found to create a foggy or pixelated haze in some pictures and does not support features like transparency. PNG is a superior format in this regard but has disadvantages in size and portability of files. Free Picture Solutions has created a new software that allows users to convert JPG to PNG to get the best quality files to present to friends and family, or online viewers.

Free Picture Solutions Launches Free Image Resizer to Optimize Pictures Quickly and Easily

Imagery has become more important than perhaps any other form of media thanks to the democratizing effect of technology. Every phone now comes with a camera and cameras themselves are more common and accessible than ever. These cameras take photos of increasingly high quality, but the disadvantage of this is that they become increasingly unwieldy in size, which causes problems of portability when it comes to distributing the images. Free Picture Solutions hascreated a free Image Resizer to solve the disadvantages of this trend for users seeking to use their images more flexibly in documents, emails, websites and more.

Free Picture Solutions Develops Photo Booth Software to Get Fun Images from Webcams

Photo booths are a fun and amusing activity for people out and about to engage in, making funny faces with their friends and adding effects that can create hilarity. However, these photo booths come at a price and in times of economic downturn are becoming ever more expensive to use, while people would rather spend time with their friends in their homes where entertainment is cheaper. Free Picture Solutions has produced a photo booth for Windows that allows users to turn their webcam into the camera and their PC into the booth.

Free Picture Solutions Offers the Ultimate Picture Viewer for All Image Formats

The digital revolution has created a huge number of different file types to house the different forms of media, from text to images to videos. For images alone there are so many formats that no one can guarantee to be able to read them all using the default image viewers on their computers, as specialist software creates specialist formats and buying this software just to view files proves unreasonably expensive. Free Picture Solutions has created a universal picture viewer that can open all file types to solve this issue once and for all.

Free Picture Solutions Creates EPS Viewer Giving Access to Niche Illustrator Files

EPS is a file designation for a kind of graphics file that uses vector-based images created in Adobe Illustrator. EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript, and can contain text as well as graphics, making it a useful tool for designers, scientists and others. A bit map alternative to scalable vector graphics, it is a simpler form of display, but only when individuals have the software to view these files. Free Picture Solutions has created the EPS Viewer to solve that problem, as well as convert them into more universally viewable format types.

Free Picture Solutions Creates XPS File Viewer to Open the Format to Viewers

XPS was designed as a Microsoft developed alternative to PDF, allowing individuals to send text and image files in a read only format that can be used for documents, presentations and even websites. The XPS format offers several advantages but falls down when it comes to viewers, who find it difficult to access the format. Free Picture Solutions has created an XPS file viewer to solve this problem, and allow users a means to take advantage of the XPS format’s unique feature set.