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DePuy ASR Metal on Metal Hip Failure Rate May Be as High as 37%

In August 2010, Johnson & Johnson issued a Depuy ASR recall; however, 93,000 people worldwide had already received the implant. When the Depuy ASR was recalled Johnson & Johnson indicated this metal on metal hip implant only had a 13% failure rate. But internal documents recently released as part of the lawsuit, reveals the failure rate could be as high as 37%. This is substantially higher than what consumers were previously led to believe.

Law Offices of Lisa Douglas Urges All Metal on Metal Hip Implant Patients to Get a Blood Test for Metal Poisoning

There are an estimated 500,000 recipients of metal on metal hip implants in the United States. Due to metal being released into the blood stream and causing tissue damage as well as damage to organs and bones, all metal on metal hip implant recipients should get their blood tested for cobalt and chromium levels and call Law Offices of Lisa Douglas sat 501-798-0004 should they have any questions.

What to Expect on the Follow Up Visits for a Metal on Metal Hip Implant

If you have experienced any pain or decreased hip function approximately 3 or more months after your metal on metal hip implant surgery, you should follow up immediately with your doctor.

Lisa Douglas RN/Attorney Recognized Once Again as Best Attorney in the Stephens Media North Little Rock Times Poll

Lisa Douglas, recognized as best attorney for the fourth consecutive year. In the 2012 NLR Times Poll published by Stephens media, Lisa Douglas has once again been recognized as best attorney.