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Soft Drinks Packaging Innovations Forecasted to Expand Customer Base

Soft-drinks packaging innovations come and go but, there are only a few that stick around for commercialization. These innovations and their applicability depend a lot on factors like practicality and cost to the company. While some fail to get customer attention, others don’t make it to the market because of budget issues. For new companies this is turning out to be quicksand. Lack of information in this regard has startups all high and dry about where to go for dependable information.

Upcoming Beverage Companies Determine Beverage Trends Using Google Trends

In what seems a common phenomenon, beverage companies mostly both established and new entrants determine beverage trends using Google. Every company irrespective of its niche goes through a comprehensive and long drawn product development phase where information becomes the key to expedited results.

Healthy Energy Drinks Face Uncertain EU Future Owing to Blurred Categorization

In the latest article on ‘healthy energy drinks face uncertain EU future’ released on MyDrinks, a lot is being talked about what factors constitute the categorization of drinks as healthy. Many things have changed over this in the past few months. A while back drinks with caffeine in them where banned from the list and, now the same is changing direction.

MyDrink Beverages to Sell Napnock Energy Drink Concept

With plans for business expansion touching international levels, MyDrink Beverages has already gained a sizeable customer base owing to the number of testimonials on their website. Handling beverage development, creation, launch and production management, the company also posts articles on current beverage trends and innovations.

Meet MyDrink Beverages at 9th InnoBev Global Beverages Congress

MyDrinkBeverages, the beverages development and innovation company based in Lithuania, will be speaking as the 9th edition of InnoBev Global Beverages Congress scheduled to be held in April 16 and 17 at Warsaw in Poland.  The company will be communicating about the development and launch of new beverage concepts at the prestigious Congress.Adomas Pranevi?ius, CEO and co-founder of MyDrink Beverages said, “During the event, we will be covering a range of topics including market updates, product innovation, entrepreneurial activity, regional developments, global trends, future opportunities and society changes.”The event, which is now in its 9th year, is designed for industry leaders, analysts, suppliers and customers allowing them to gain a complete overview of the latest trends and concepts in the industry around the world. There is ample time allotted for informal discussion and networking as well.This year, the InnoBev Global Beverages Congress will go by the theme Refreshing Outlook and will lay down a platform to debate on the growth of the industry into the next phase while maintaining leadership on key issues such as environmental and health concerns. The event this year will include conference sessions and industry networking with top producers and suppliers and other leading global figures, plant tour organized by Coca-Cola Hellenic, presentation of 2013 Beverage Innovation Sustainability Awards by FoodBevMedia etc.For information regarding the InnoBev Global Beverages Congress and the presence of MyDrink Beverages at the event, visit MyDrinks Beverages website.About MyDrink Beverages MyDrink Beverages ( is a beverages development and innovation company delivering solutions to private label drinks, based in Kaunas, Lithuania. The company also has its sales office in Denmark. The company is involved in the development, creation and supply of ingredients system, beverage flavors and finished drinks lending a hand to beverage companies through the whole process of manufacturing and development. The team in MyDrink Beverages comprises of experts in every field of beverage science, product development and management, branding as well as sales.

Beverage Start Up Methodology at MyDrink Beverages

Being among the most lucrative industries in the world, the beverage industry is not free from its share of predicaments. Unlike software developers who can develop, launch and test medium-level software within a few months, beverage manufactures have to consider a number of factors within shorter spans of time.

MyDrink Beverages Introduces Lean Beverage Start-Up Methodology

MyDrink Beverages, a beverage development and production management company has introduced the lean beverage start-up methodology to counter the long time taken for development and production processes in beverage industry. The main idea of the methodology is to help clients develop new products, launch them and test them in as short time as possible. The methodology has been the result of the company working on such a solution for a long time.

Natural Energy Drinks from

There seems to be a distinct shift from using caffeine, taurine and Vitamin B complex based energy drinks towards natural energy drinks, which offer the same energy as a current generation energy drink. It might even beat the taste of the latest energy drinks with the above ingredients. MyDrink Beverages is out to beat the age old adage claiming that natural energy drinks have a similar effect as ones with the above ingredients.