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On My Way Plumbing of Scottsdale Reminds Customers to Be Careful when Raising the Temperature on Water Heaters

LogoArizona is finally beginning its decent into cooler weather here in Scottsdale which means it will be tempting to turn up the temperature on the water heater. There’s nothing better than a nice warm shower or bath after a cool day.

Scottsdale Plumbing Company Shares Tips for Unclogging a Bathroom Sink

LogoTammy Wadina from On My Way (OMW) Plumbing is back to share her expert tips on all things plumbing related.

On My Way Plumbing Reminds You to Check for Leaks This Summer

LogoDuring these hot, dry months in Arizona it can be hard to detect leaks. As water leaks out, it dries almost instantly. Bigger leaks that would usually result in puddles or mud outside of your home can dry before being identified. Spending a day acting as a plumbing detective to check for leaks could save one time and money.

OMW Plumbing Offers Tips on How to Avoid Water Leaks and Keep Plumbing Running Smoothly

LogoEveryone knows that cars need a tune up from time to time, but not everyone knows that plumbing materials also need a tune up.

OMW Plumbing Reminds Homeowners to Take Care of Their Water Heaters During the Summer

LogoQuestion: What’s the only thing hotter than Arizona summers?

3 Signs of a Water Leak Every Homeowner Should Be Aware Of

LogoYour local Scottsdale plumbers want to remind residents that popsicles should be the only thing dripping in the Arizona heat, not faucets or pipes.