Parkway Display

Parkway Display Leads the Chinese POS Cardboard Display Industry at the 11th Hong Kong Printing and Packaging Fair

LogoThe 11th Hong Kong Printing and Packaging Fair opened on 27th April 2016, with its main products being Point of Sale Displays, represented by Cardboard Counter Displays, Cardboard Floor Displays, Cardboard Pallet Displays, Cardboard Display Boxes, Forex Board Display Stands, Acrylic Displays and other products. Parkway Display Products Limited with its prestigious reputation in the field of packaging and displays made its debut at the exhibition.

Parkway Display Report Exposes Counterfeit Acrylic Display Products Undercutting Current Market

LogoOn Jun 15th 2016, the China Metropolitan News Channel reported that Ms. Luo, a Shenzhen resident, purchased a well-known brand's acrylic display product from the market, and two days later it turned out to have serious quality problems. The more important fact is that the product from that brand bore a distinct resemblance to a product made by competitor Parkway Display. Upon further investigation, it was finally revealed that that company in the acrylics industry had actually made a copy of the product from Parkway Display. In other words: a counterfeit.