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Penny Stocks Guide Offers Expert Advice on Penny Stocks Trading

In the recent years, Penny stocks trading have become very popular. Penny Stock Guide teaches the basic principles of penny stock trading, including how to do it intelligently and safely. Penny Stocks Guide offers expert advice on buying and selling of Penny stocks, the top penny stocks available and also gives advice on good and bad investment.

Data from the World Gold Council Suggests Higher Gold and Precious Metals Prices to Come, According to Public Speaker Peter Leeds, and Expert on Penny Stocks to Buy

Strong global buy demand is being demonstrated in the World Gold Council's recent release of their January and February official gold holdings statistics. Author of "Invest in Penny Stocks," public speaker, and publisher of the industry leading "Penny Stocks to Buy" newsletter cites the gold report as further evidence that gold prices will increase from current levels, and several of his precious metals penny stocks could be the beneficiaries.

Peter Leeds, Analyst in Penny Stocks to Buy, and Author of "Invest in Penny Stocks," Confirms Speaking Engagement at the World MoneyShow in Toronto, Canada

Peter Leeds, a professional speaker and a widely followed analyst in penny stocks to buy, has confirmed that after the great successes at the Vancouver MoneyShow in March, he has been asked to speak at the upcoming MoneyShow in Toronto this fall. Immediately after his speech entitled, "Invest in Penny Stocks," he will be leading a panel of three up and coming penny stocks to buy, named "Tomorrow's Winners Today."

Expert Peter Leeds Reveals Which Penny Stocks to Buy and Which Penny Stocks to Avoid This Spring

Investors will be in a holding pattern this spring, watching several important events to give them some direction for their investments and their economic outlook. These include, but are not limited to, the construction spending report by the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce, and the auto sales data from the Commerce Department. Expert on penny stocks Peter Leeds suggests that many of the events will help traders in micro cap shares decide which penny stocks to buy, and which penny stocks to avoid.

Robot That Picks Penny Stocks a Scam As First Reported by Expert on Penny Stocks, Peter Leeds

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, two British teenage twins were running a massive scam, touting a robot that could pick penny stocks. With 75,000 investors falling for the lies, Peter Leeds, author of "Invest in Penny Stocks," reported their actions to authorities, and forwarded massive amounts of research and proof to the S.E.C. in a bid to stop their dishonest scam.

Expert on Penny Stocks to Buy Peter Leeds Warns Against Story Stocks to Buy Like SNPK

Author and public speaker Peter Leeds, an expert on penny stocks to buy, warns investors to avoid what he calls "story stocks." Many penny stocks have a great story, and investors buy significantly overpriced shares, without looking at the penny stock's fundamentals.

Spring Will Bring a New Form of Civil Unrest According to Financial Analyst and Authority on the Best Penny Stocks to Buy Peter Leeds

Winter slowed many of America`s activist movements, including Occupy Wall Street among others, according to Peter Leeds, author of Invest in Best Penny Stocks, and publisher of the world famous Best Penny Stocks newsletter at Now with the days warming up, and nothing solved from an economic perspective after a year of protests, activists are coming back out onto the streets. Only now, they are more frustrated than ever, and old tactics which haven`t worked will give way to new approaches, some of which may be more violent and desperate than ever.

Avoid Pink Sheets Penny Stocks Suggests Authority on Penny Stocks Peter Leeds

Peter Leeds, publisher of the world famous penny stocks newsletter, author of "Invest in Penny Stocks," and authority on trading penny stocks, suggests all investors avoid Pink Sheets penny stocks. Given their simple listing requirements, thin trading volume, and lower investor visibility requirements, pink sheets penny stocks generally tend to be companies of lower quality, when compared to penny stocks on more senior exchanges like the Nasdaq, Amex, NYSE, or OTC-BB.

Penny Stock Authority Says Penny Will Soon Be Thing of the Past

Peter Leeds, penny stock authority and publisher of Peter Leeds Penny Stock, says that Canada's recent decision to stop penny production may be a sneak peek of what to expect in America. While the penny is still legal tender in Canada, the Canadian mint has ceased production of new one cent coinage, partially because it costs as much as 2 cents to make a single penny. Here in America, it costs as much as 2.4 cents to make a penny, according to the New York Times.

Penny Stocks Expert Peter Leeds Announces Goldgroup Mining Will Join His Panel at the World MoneyShow

Peter Leeds, author of "Invest in Penny Stocks" and publisher of the Peter Leeds penny stocks newsletter, has filled the third and final spot on his "Tomorrow's Winners Today" penny stocks panel, which will take place this Tuesday at the World Money Show in Vancouver. Goldgroup Mining will be joining Victoria Gold and Passport Potash to present information about their companies, and answer questions from the attendees.