Rug Pad Corner

Rug Pad Corner Continues with Natural USA Made Rug Pads

Rug Pad Corner, the nation's online source of natural rug pads, announces that it continues to manufacture and offer only natural area rug pads that are made in the USA. The company knows that more and more suppliers are importing their rug pads from China and that these are made of inferior material, as well as adhesives and chemicals. In regards to this cost saving reason, Rug Pad Corner refuses to cut costs only to compromise on the quality of its rug pads.

Ultra Premium Voted as Best Felt Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

Rug Pad Corner, the nation's online source for quality rug pads, announces that thousands of customers have recently voted its Ultra Premium rug pad as the safest and best for their hardwood floors. For more than six months, the company received emails from customers to include homeowners, interior designers, architects and rug dealers voting on rug pads for hardwood floors. Based on each person's experience with several rug pads, Ultra Premium was unanimously voted as the safest used on their hardwood floors.