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Samuel Servedio and Sarah Smith Announce The Merging of Their Two Internet Companies

On January 20, 2007, a proud Samuel Servedio announced to the world of his joining forces with network marketing superstar Sarah Smith from Matt & Smith Co. “I have been working closely with Sarah now for the past two years,” Samuel boasted, “and in that time she has brought so much flavor and originality to our team. I am proud to take her hand as my business partner.”

Internet Marketing Success Samuel Servedio Announces The Launch Of His First Internet Marketing Lead Generation Campaign With Veretekk on November 9, 2006

On November 10, 2006, Samuel Servedio is set to launch his first major internet marketing and lead generation campaign utilizing the free internet marketing tools and live training that he has received from the Veretekk Marketing System. Samuel has been preparing this internet marketing and lead generation campaign for almost one week now. His campaign will be configured to promote his primary business the Predator Marketing System. “I have been using Veretekk’s lead generation and internet marketing technology now for about two months,” Samuel said, “and in those two months I have learned a wealth of information that I know is going to help me succeed with my Predator Marketing System.”