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Find the Best Mattress for Back Pain with Sleep Junkie's Latest Guide

LogoBack pain is a major problem in United States and around the world. The American Chiropractic Association says it is the leading cause of disability worldwide, it accounts for billions spent on healthcare, and it is one of the most common reasons for missed work.

Sleep Junkie Explains How Mattress Recycling Helps the Planet

LogoWhile most people are aware that paper, glass, aluminum and other household refuse is readily recyclable, it's less commonly known that certain larger items can skip the landfill as well. Mattresses in particular place a significant burden on the environment, with millions ending up in garbage dumps each year.

Curious About Organic Mattresses? Sleep Junkie's Latest Guide Offers Answers

LogoThe benefits of organic foods are fairly well-understood, and a greater proportion of families are buying organic than ever before. However, many consumers are less clear about the advantages of other types of organic products, such as mattresses.

Sleep Junkie Compares 2014 Black Friday Deals on Mattresses

LogoIn need of a cozy new bed this winter? Black Friday mattress sales are one of the best times of the year to save, but shopping smart makes the difference between duds and good deals.

Save on Mattresses During 4th of July Sales with Sleep Junkie's 2014 Guide

LogoLooking to save on a new mattress this summer? During 4th of July sales, retailers big and small offer their best deals of the season, making the upcoming holiday weekend the perfect time to buy.

2014 Memorial Day Mattress Deals Compared by Sleep Junkie

LogoMemorial Day weekend approaches, and with it so too do plenty of sales. Though Memorial Day honors the country’s fallen service members, it also kicks off the start of summer and has become a popular retail holiday, especially for housewares. For shoppers looking to sleep better this summer, Sleep Junkie recently released a guide to the holiday’s mattress sales, titled “Top 2014 Memorial Day Mattress Deals From Macy’s & More.”

New Mattress IQ Quiz from Sleep Junkie Tests Shoppers' Bed Knowledge

LogoSleep Junkie, a blog that writes on sleep news and beds, recently produced a quiz designed to test consumers’ mattress knowledge, along with an informational introduction to buying a new bed to celebrate Better Sleep Month. Published May 5, the quiz and article “What is Your Mattress IQ?” is available on Sleep Junkie’s website and open to all readers and visitors.