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Southern Irrigation Now Offering Their Services for Holiday LED Landscape Lighting Installations This November

LogoAs Halloween has passed and the scarecrows and pumpkins are removed from the property in favor of decorations for the holiday season, Southern Irrigation is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services for installing LED holiday lights in and around Nashville, TN this November. Residents and business owners proudly display their Christmas and holiday lights throughout the property, making the home or business light up during all hours of the night. Lights displayed during the holiday season is a contest of sorts to see which property has the best looking display of lights, and sometimes individuals are too busy to set up their Christmas lights themselves, which is when Southern Irrigation comes in to expertly install an LED landscape lighting system.

Southern Irrigation Now Installing Sprinkler Systems for New Commercial Properties in Nashville This Fall 2013

LogoAs a premier landscape maintenance and installation company in the Nashville Metropolitan Area, Southern Irrigation is pleased to announce they are now offering their services to provide new commercial properties with an irrigation system this fall 2013 season. Whether an apartment complex, corporate building complex, school yard, or sports field, the professional designers and technicians at Southern Irrigation will conduct all the ground work necessary in order to install a high performance and quality irrigation system.

Southern Irrigation Now Providing Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services for Fall 2013

LogoSouthern Irrigation, a leading sprinkler irrigation system company in the greater Nashville, TN area, is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services to provide both residential and commercial clients with outdoor landscape lighting systems in the Fall of 2013. For those businesses and homeowners that wish to effectively improve the security and safety of their property, the landscape lighting, available to be placed on timers, is perfect for that added layer of security. Whether clients are in the market for low-voltage Landscape Lighting or LED Landscape Lighting, the professionals at Southern Irrigation will install the outdoor lighting system in a quick and timely fashion to bring out the beauty of the yard.

Southern Irrigation Now Offering Irrigation Repair in the Middle Tennessee Area

LogoProblems with sprinkler systems are common in the summer months and Southern Irrigation is now offering to repair customers sprinkler irrigation as summer turns to autumn. For individuals, trying to repair a sprinkler system only causes headaches and frustration. Calling in the professionals will save time and have the system repaired without further damaging the irrigation and the lawn. Whether clients have a commercial or residential property that needs fixing, Southern Irrigation is there to solve the problem sufficiently.

Southern Irrigation Now Offering Solutions for Downpour Drainage Issues for Residential Properties

LogoFollowing a busy spring season of people calling Southern Irrigation to install a sprinkler system in Nashville, TN, the company is ready for an even busier summer. Along with a schedule that is full of irrigation system installation, replacement, and maintenance services, Southern Irrigation is now offering solutions for downpour drainage issues for residential properties throughout the Greater Nashville, Tennessee area. People can expect a lot of summer sunshine, but they should also prepare for torrential downpour that can turn their firm lawn, into a wet mess. Southern Irrigation will install, or replace an existing irrigation system that will keep the lawn healthy throughout the entire season.

Southern Irrigation Now Offering Sprinkler Repair Services to Residents Living in Franklin, TN

LogoThis summer is going to be hotter than ever, and homeowners will be looking to check up on their sprinkler system to make sure it is working accordingly. But when homeowners find that their sprinkler system is not up to par, they can now turn to Southern Irrigation. Southern Irrigation is now offering services for sprinkler repair in Franklin, TN. Visitors to the company website can view a gallery of photos from completed sprinkler system installations and repairs from homes in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN.

Southern Irrigation Announces Residential Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services

LogoDuring the summer months, many families host backyard BBQs, birthday parties and other events at their home. Often times, parties go late into the night and the last thing people need is to be sitting around in the dark. Luckily for them, Southern Irrigation now offers LED landscape lighting in Nashville, TN. Traditional lighting comes up short when compared to the many advantages offered by LED landscape lighting. Opposed to the average time of 5,000 hours lasted by traditional lighting, LED bulbs last about 40,000-50,000 hours. Not only will LED bulbs light up the backyard parties longer this summer, they will also save families money by not having to replace to bulbs as much.

Southern Irrigation Now Provides Residential Irrigation Installation Services

LogoResidents living in Nashville, who wish to have their lawns looking beautiful this summer can turn to Southern Irrigation. The company now provides residential installation services for irrigation systems in Nashville, TN. Based on a property’s layout and needs, Southern Irrigation will design clients their very own custom Sprinkler/Drip Irrigation system. Designed to support the health and vitality of a client’s turf and garden, an Irrigation System is needed for every home. When designing a custom sprinkler/drip system, Southern Irrigation will perform soil analysis, a grading and elevation summary, and evaluate current and future landscape requirements, as well as adhere to neighborhood standards.

Southern Irrigation Now Offers Commercial Irrigation Services for New Site Development

LogoSouthern Irrigation now offers commercial irrigation services for new site development. Enjoying a stellar reputation among landscape and construction contractors, Southern Irrigation displays a strong work ethic and uncompromised integrity throughout the entire phase of any project the company is involved in. The company provides many services for new site development including: design work, coordination, scheduling, sprinkler system installation and all post-irrigation services. For all new commercial irrigation services, Southern Irrigation guarantees the project will be completed in a timely fashion. To request an installation service, speak with a friendly representative by calling 615-332-7933.