Surface Master

Introducing Surface Master – The Best Carpet Cleaning Company

Surface Master was launched by Jason & Katherine in September 2011. Jason had been doing nightshifts in warehousing for several years so he could assist in raising their two young children. As the children headed into their schooling years, and Jason no longer needed to do night shifts, he began to think about what he wanted to do in his working career. Jason had previously worked in computer repair but felt he needed to head in a new direction. He started researching franchising and new business options and found a grout colour sealing product that really piqued his interest. To produce the best results, you need to professionally clean the grout before applying the sealer, and he discovered that this equipment could also perform high quality carpet cleaning. "I have always enjoyed doing jobs that produce great results, so I thought this would be a good field for me to get into." He then went about speaking to experts, obtaining as much practical advice as he could from some great people including Jim and Gary from Powerclean, Charlie from Jena Dyco and Craig from Safe Clean. "Learning from all these people have given me the certification and knowledge I need to perform excellent work for all my customers."