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Is Dongala the Newest Superstar Coming out of the Carolinas?

LogoThe Carolina’s has been lately making noise on the Hip Hop scene with artists like J. Cole featureless releases reaching platinum status. Also new emerging artist DaBaby climbing the charts with his comedic antics along with his intimidating lyrics. Then there’s DONGALA, who is somewhat a taste of both artist.

Jayflyin the Cincinnati, Ohio Rap Star on the Rise

LogoSpitting fire lyrics, over solid beats and displaying an undeniable charisma Cincinnati, Ohio's JayFlyin has the rap world taking notice. Especially in his hometown where he is dominating the local Reverbnation with his first two singles both breaking the top ten. And judging from the talk from his circles this is just the beginning with the aggressive MC having notebooks full-of work just waiting to get unleashed for fans to enjoy.

Recording Artist Mike Baggz Releases New Record with Snoop Dogg

LogoSince his 2013 reggae reincarnation, Snoop Dogg's outlook has felt blurred and somewhat unsure of itself. The transition from the gangsta pop days of 'Drop It Like It's Hot' to the eventual birth of Snoop Lion received mixed reactions from fans; some applauding the fearless stylistic shift whilst others struggled to get on board with the hype.

Rapper Mike Baggz Drops a $500 Mixtape (The Beauty of Money LP)

LogoIf you don't place value on your music, why should fans? History has shown that placing over the top value on products creates wild demand. Examples are Jordan's, and even projects by Nipsey Hussle, and Wu-Tang with their $5 million dollar, one-of-a-kind project.

Matt Helfer Releases New Single Titled "Static"

LogoMatt Helfer is the newest rapper to come out of the state of Maryland. Matt Helfer lives and dreams of being a staple in the industry and invites us on his prolific journey by sharing his music. Matt is an 18 year old artist who vividly paints a picture of his everyday life experiences growing up in suburbia America. His music expresses a different side of the hip hop spectra, by not talking about drugs, guns and violence we get a more positive outlook on life as an everyday American teenager growing up in a middle class household.