SynthSys Successfully Launches the Mobile Site for VAYU - a Popular Rock Group in Mumbai

SynthSys announced today that they have successfully launched the mobile site for VAYU - a popular rock group in Mumbai. With a score of 5 out of 5 on the MobiReady Report the site could also probably be the first dotMobi site from India to go live. Selected As dotMOBI's First "Site of the week" the Mobile site for VAYU - a popular rock group in Mumbai has been selected as dotMobi's first "Site of the Week". "This is a huge honor and we are thrilled that the site was chosen" said Nelson Rebello, the designer of the site and president of SynthSys. "We are glad that our site was chosen as the first site worldwide to be showcased on the dotMobi site".

Pixel Ads: The Next Generation Internet Advertising Solution

For businesses looking at cost effective ways and means to advertise on the Internet, pixel advertising is the answer. Pixel advertising is sweeping through the Internet and quickly headed towards becoming a popular trend.