TekHattan LLC

TekHattan Now Offers IT Consulting to Fortune 500 Companies in Manhattan and Beyond

IT consulting can make the difference between a network being future-proofed and built for aggressive expansion and a network that can hold a business back with potentially disastrous consequences. New York is considered one of the world’s leading business centers, and as such demands industry-leading business IT solutions. TekHattan is an established, powerful technology company that is changing the way IT works in New York. They have upgraded their capacity to sufficiently handle the incredible demands of Fortune 500 companies, covering every aspect from network design and installation, to maintenance, support, and disaster recovery.

TekHattan Extends Same Day IT Services and Consulting to New Jersey

In New York City, some of the world’s biggest companies have their headquarters, and this makes it a city under more pressure than perhaps any other in the world to be operating at peak capacity twenty four seven. IT troubles can strike unexpectedly however, and at any time, and when they do minimizing the amount of time they disrupt business for is paramount. Even a small downtime can result in missed deadlines, dissatisfied clients or worse. TekHattan specializes in IT Consulting and has launched an emergency call out service that will help businesses get back on their thanks to their same day service.