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Thruway Direct Now Offering New Online Portal for Clients

It is hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is almost here. Soon after that, the holiday season will be under way with Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. It is estimated that, during the time period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, nearly 17 billion cards and packages will be delivered. During the holiday season, the number of packages delivered increases dramatically. Depending on the courier service an individual chooses, delivery times may be affected. Thankfully, Thruway Direct can offer same day delivery all year round. Plus, Thruway Direct is now offering an excellent online resource for all of their clients.

Thruway Direct Now Offering Refrigerated Trucking

For the longest time, consumers and businesses relied on the United States Postal Service for sending and receiving their packages. Over time, the courier industry became more competitive and names like FedEx, UPS, and DHL began to emerge as major players. In fact, starting in the beginning of the millennium, FedEx began handling portions of express and priority mail for the United States Postal Service. Even with all of the advancements and partnerships that the United States Postal Service and other large courier services have created, there is only so much they can offer. Thruway Direct has been operating for nearly half of a century and they offer their customers unmatched service options. Now, customers can take advantage of Thruway Direct for refrigerated trucking in New Jersey and New York.

Thruway Direct Now Offering Refrigerated Trucking

Not all courier services are created equal. The experience customers have with Thruway Direct is unlike that found from any other courier service in New Jersey. Thruway Direct has been serving New York City and the surrounding area for over forty years. Operating in one of the busiest cities on the planet requires an extremely efficient business model. Thruway Direct can offer customers a number of shipping and warehousing solutions. Now, with a fleet of refrigerated trucks, Thruway Direct is offering temperature controlled deliveries.

Thruway Direct Now Offering Same Day Delivery and Foot Messenger Service

With over forty years of experience as a courier service in New York City, Thruway Direct has learned a lot. New York City is truly one of a kind. With a population well over 8 million people in the city limits and close to 20 million in the metropolitan area, life is unique in New York City. That being said, businesses have to adapt to the ever-changing demands of such a busy city. Thruway Direct has evolved over the years and they now offer a variety of customer solutions. Now, Thruway direct can offer customers same day delivery and foot messenger service.

Thruway Direct Now Offering Three Unique Storage Solutions

Thruway Direct has over 40 years of experience as a courier service in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. The difference between Thruway Direct and other couriers is that same day delivery is a standard practice. Most delivery services charge an arm and a leg for next day deliver. Plus, many times there are stipulations with expedited delivery service. At Thruway Direct, a strategic placement of trucks, cars, vans, and other vehicles has allowed for the most efficient delivery network possible. Plus, Thruway Direct offers much more than courier and messenger service. In fact, customers can now utilize Thruway Direct for warehousing and storage.

Thruway Direct Now Offers Pick and Pack Services in New York

Looking for the complete warehousing package but still need a customized solution? Thruway Direct is now offering pick and pack services for their clients who are in need of not only a warehousing solution, but distribution as well. For anyone looking for a packing or courier service in NYC, they will be able to find one that is conveniently located. Thruway Direct does it all, once the order for pick and pack services are placed the professionals will do all the packing for all of one’s belongings, products, or goods.

Thruway Direct Now Offers Short-Term Warehousing Storage in New York

During a business’s lifespan, it is not uncommon for a startup to need additional space due to success. In this case, it may be necessary to store some belongings, equipment, and products during the move to eliminate any clutter. With that being said, the professionals at Thruway Direct are now offering short-term warehousing storage solutions for businesses in the New York area. When it comes to moving into a larger space it can be a very stressful time for any business owner making sure nothing is misplaced, thrown away or forgotten, all while maintaining the business. With their short-term storage solutions, it allows for owners to clear out any clutter and move into the new space organized from day one.

Thruway Direct Still Now Helping New York Hurricane Sandy Victims Who Are Still Suffering

Thruway Direct is now helping New York Hurricane Sandy victims who are still currently suffering its consequences. Anyone in the Northeast of the United States has either heard of, or fallen victim to the devastating affects that Hurricane Sandy brought to the coasts this past October. Some areas were hit harder than others and are still to this day struggling to get back on their feet, which is where the professionals from Thruway Direct come into play. As a New York courier service, New York University Medical contacted them for assistance. As the storms high winds and floods created catastrophic damages to New York City and all of the surrounding suburbs, all roadways and subway systems were affected. Even with the massive power outages for weeks on end hospitals frantically sought out help during these trying times.

Thruway Direct Is Prepared for Increased Home Healthcare; Now Providing Pharmaceutical Deliveries Throughout the NYC Area

Healthcare costs in the United State are becoming an exponentially larger problem. In fact, at the end of 2010 healthcare costs in the U.S totaled over $2.6 trillion. As a nation, the U.S is now consistently spending over 15% of their gross domestic product on healthcare. In a suffering economy, the rapid growth of costs has placed an enormous burden on both the government programs and private insurers that pay for healthcare. One of the more common approaches to curb the onslaught of spending in the U.S healthcare system is the increase of care being provided in the home. With that in mind, Thruway Direct understands the urgency and importance involved with delivering pharmaceutical products to customers. Thruway Direct is now proud to deliver pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies throughout the New York City area.

Thruway Direct Is Proud to Announce They Now Provide Courier Service in Brooklyn

Thruway Direct has been providing courier service in NYC for nearly 50 years. Now, those in need of dependable courier service in Brooklyn will also be able to take advantage of Thruway Direct’s fast and reliable delivery. Courier Service in New York City is essential to the operation of many businesses. As a mecca of the business and financial indistries, New York has some of the busiest professionals in the world. Unreliable courier service in NYC can be detrimental to a business. Whether it is last minute printed materials for a presentation or pharmaceuticals that need to be refrigerated, one can relax knowing that their delivery will arrive safely and on time.