World Laparoscopy Hospital

World Laparoscopy Hospital Says That Surgeons and Gynecologists Can Get Trained in Laparoscopic Surgery Also

Here is news that may interest surgeons. They can get trained in laparoscopy because the Delhi-based World Laparoscopy Hospital is offering a four-week integrated dual-degree postgraduate Diploma program in Laparoscopic Surgery that will earn the candidates D.MAS or Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery and F.MAS or Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery. The program comes with the additional benefit of endoscopic and robotic surgery training also. Surgeons and Gynaecologists who opt for this four-week course can get in-depth and hands-on training in Laparoscopic Surgery and its underpinning technologies.

Laparoscopic Surgery in Its New Avatar

That World Laparoscopy Hospital is offering state-of-the-art da Vinci robotic surgery training may certainly be an interesting news for surgeons and gynecologists. World Laparoscopy Hospital says they provide Fellowship of International College of Robotic Surgeons, a program in which trainee surgeons are allowed to work on real and high-definition surgical robots.