ZipLine Utah

Celebrating the Changing of Seasons and Adventure Course Upgrades with ZipLine Utah's Back to School Special

LogoWith the end of summer quickly approaching, schools start going back in sessions, the weather begins to cool, and the days grow shorter. So little time allows for a narrow gap for adventure, but all the more reason to seize it. ZipLine Utah offers its visitors the zipline experience of a lifetime. As a zipline tour that runs through the majestic Deer Creek State Park in Utah, it is the ideal end of summer destination. Surrounded by beautiful forest and serene scenery, ZipLine Utah offers a variety of activities for thrill-seekers everywhere and the chance to experience the feeling flying through the air at speeds of up to 60 mph.

ZipLine Utah Opens World's Longest Zipline to Ever Go over a Body of Water

LogoZipLine Utah announces the addition of "Screaming Falcon" to their two-mile adventure course giving ZipLine Utah the amazing distinction of being home to the longest zipline to go over a body of water.

ZipLine Utah Completes Construction of the World's Longest Zipline to Ever Go over a Body of Water

LogoMan's dream of soaring above the earth has long been realized and gone on to reach new heights ever since the Wright Brothers' first flight over a century ago. Yet, even though we now have jumbo jets and spaceships, nothing quite beats the feeling of being close to the earth with nothing but air between oneself and the ground.