Textdating canada

Canada, February 17, 2010. Online dating has become an internet phenomenon and online dating industry has grown at a very impressive pace over the last couple of years. But online dating has its limits, you are still confined to your living room and there is no way you can stay online 24x7. With the advent of cell phones, a new trend in dating is fast emerging. Now, using services offered by textdating.ca, you can convert your cell phone into a dating device. Upgrading the cell phone is not necessary as the service can work with most existing cell phone models. By using this service you can search for your perfect match at any time and at any place of your choice. Match is located based on the inputs given by users like location and distance. In case you don’t want to bind your search, you can search the entire database for finding your perfect match. Using this service is fairly simple, any one who can send message using cell phones can use this service. http://textdating.ca/ About textdating.ca - Wicked Media N.V. is a very active player in the dating industry for the last 8 years. They have comprehensive database of singles that helps them in understanding the market dynamics and serving their customers accordingly.