Vchem Water Treatment Chemical Manufacturing

Our primary focus is customer satisfaction through constant up-gradation of technologies and commitment to quality. In the process, we have become a company with a will to accomplish innovative and challenging tasks. Our goal is to forge a long-term relationship with our customers for the mutual benefit of each other by strictly adopting ethical standards in the business apart from increasing that profitability by reducing costs and operational down time through our treatment programs. Our Services are, RO ANTISCALANT Reverse osmosis is a membrane filtration process that is used extensively for the desalination and purification of water. We manufacture and supply specialist, high quality RO Antiscalants products to industry and water treatment plants in global markets. It is highly effective liquid antiscalant developed to control scale precipitates and reduce particulate fouling within membrane separation systems. BOILER CHEMICALS Vchem offers such high quality specialized water treatment chemicals for boilers and steam boilers as well as a complete line of quality and maintenance chemicals. AQUA CHEM Boiler water treatment products incorporate oxygen scavengers, and alkalinity boosters for corrosion inhibition, and anti-scalants to prevent concrete-style scale build-up in boilers. Addition of boiler chemicals minimizes or even eliminates corrosion and scaling inside a boiler and significantly prolongs its lifetime. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your investment in a boiler system. Our full line of boiler chemicals is designed to keep your system free from scale and corrosion, giving you more time to focus on what matters most. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your investment in a boiler system. CHLORINE DIOXIDE CHEMICALS Neox is a stabilized form of 99.99% chlorine dioxide solutions. It is used for the disinfection process and meant to kill almost all kinds of water-borne microorganisms. Neox targets yeasts, bacteria, virus, protozoans, cysts, mold, fungi and many other diseases. Additionally, this compound is useful in eradicating the presence of cyanides, methanogens and phenols in the water. As compared to other disinfectants, the offered Neox is 10 times stronger and show its action at a broad pH range, usually 4-10. The best thing about it is that, there is no generation of by-products or side effects. EFFLUENT TREATMENT CHEMICALS ETP chemicals used for smooth operations and maintenance of ETP plants according to pollution control parameter. We offered wide range of Chemicals for various industries like Food, Beverages, Metal Treatment, Oil Field, Construction, Mining , Textile , Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Manufacturing, Dying unit, Hotels and Resorts Waste, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Processing , Agriculture, etc. EVAPORATOR CHEMICALS It is an organic scale inhibitor for the retardation and prevention of scale formation on the heat transfer surfaces of the evaporator. It has an ability to keep calcium, magnesium and silica in solution even in the presence of impurities like oxalates, carbonates, sulphates, chlorides and phosphates. It functions by threshold treatment which delays the precipitation of alkaline hardness and silica. It functions under three pronged approach which provides optimal scale prevention for most particles under broad range of operating conditions. Address: ----------- Vchem Water Treatment Chemical Manufacturing Company, 9,MAK Complex, Pattaraikara Street, Goriplayam, Madurai – 625002, Tamilnadu, India. Phone: +91 9043681478 Contact Details: ---------------- Phone: +91 9043681478 Mail : website :