Zhejiang Qizhi Motor Co., Ltd.

ZHEJIANG QIZHI MOTOR CO., LTD. is a professional production of various kinds of small and medium-sized modern enterprise, the main products include ME2 series Grundfos high-efficiency aluminum motor, IE1 series three-phase asynchronous motor, IE2 series three-phase asynchronous motor, IE3 series super efficient three-phase asynchronous motor, YD series pole-changing multi-speed three phase asynchronous electric motor, YDT series three-phase consequent-poles asynchronous motor, YCT series electromagnetic speedregulating motor, MS series three-phase asynchronous motor with aluminium housing, YVF2 series three-phase frequency controlled asynchronous motor, YVF2 series of frequency conversion aluminum shell speed three-phase asynchronous motor, YEJ series electromagnetic braking three-phase asynchronous motor, YC/YCL series heavy-duty single-phase capacitors start induction motor, MLYL seriessingle-phase dual-capacitor induction motor, YYB Series pump for three-phase asynchronous motor, IRG/SW Single stage single pipette centrifugal pump, CDLICDLF stainless steel vertical multistage pump, etc.