AIJU - Technological Institute for Toys

AIJU is accredited for toys since 1989, recently it has broadened its accreditations and thus, it has been constituted the first laboratory accredited by ENAC for testing “toys”, ‘Child care articles’ and ‘Playgrounds´. AIJU is certified in Quality Systems and Environmental Systems management according to ISO 9001 and 14000, respectively. Currently, AIJU has more than 550 partners. From the total amount of them, 40% are toy manufacturers, 40% belongs to the auxiliary industry and the rest belong to other sectors. The main AIJU’s objective is to give access to the improved production technologies and design to the SME’s of the sector which, due to their characteristics, cannot individually access to the new emerging technologies. Currently AIJU has a team of around 70 technicians which cover different industrial specialties. By means of the facilities available, AIJU advises the associated industries from its different departments, that is to say: product development engineering department (Child safety, materials, processes, prototyping, etc.), management systems and projects, educational research-product, training, information and administration. AIJU is a member of several forums as well as national and international committees that set the standards concerning toy safety. AIJU has also collaborated in the Technical Committee for Toys Certification CTC-031 of AENOR since its creation in 1989 and has participated in the elaboration of the document on ‘Technical procedure of the brand N for non electrical toys’.