AIJU - Technological Institute for Toys

AIJU Develops New Materials for the Toy’s Rapid Manufacturing

The technological centre is developing plastics with electrical conductivity, plastics with new charges, colouring plastics and with biodegradable characteristics. Besides, AIJU is working in the modification of existing formulations to allow their re-using during a higher number of cycles, thus contributing to a reduction in costs and the recycle of raw materials.

Development of a New Material Based on Banana Fibre for Rapid Manufacturing Technologies

Natural banana fibre on a polyurethane matrix acts a reinforcement of the properties of the material, at the time as a renewable resource is used.

AIJU Improves the Painting of Flexible Polyolefins by Low Pressure Plasma

Polyolefin painting and decoration is a very difficult process mainly due to the surface’s energy differences between the raw material and paintings and solvents. AIJU has optimized the polyolefins surface by means of Low Pressures plasma treatment, thus notably improving the adhesion of decorative elements.

AIJU Manufactures High Precision and Detailed Prototypes Applied to the Manufacturing of Electrodes

AIJU has widely improved the scaling of Polyjet technology for its application, by means of Rapid Tooling techniques, to the manufacturing of the negative part of electrodes for the electroforming process.

New Smart Materials Which Change Shape and Improve Medical Methods

The Spanish consortium IBE-RM is researching materials with smart performance for the developments of new applications in Rapid Manufacturing Technologies.

AIJU Developes New Formulation Polyamide Based for Selective Laser Sintering

A study undertaken by AIJU has demonstrated the sintering possibilities of a Polyamide- based formulation blended with black colouring.

“Plastic Electronics” and Its Introduction Into the Toy Sector

Electronic devices are made and commercialized on glass substrates. Current research projects are focused, nevertheless, on using plastic devices as a support due to functional performance and economic issues.