Avid Mobile

Running the type of mobile marketing campaign that actually produces quantifiable results and moves the bottom line of the end-user is the name of the game. Then why is it that so many technology providers are focused on just that- technology? From years of selling mobile marketing something occurred to us very early on… We weren’t selling mobile marketing or technology. We were selling increased revenue, lead acquisition, growth of customer bases, growing social media, generating web-traffic, and increased wealth for the owners of the businesses we were targeting. The finesse and sophistication required to actually do just that was a learning experience as it is different for every single type and style of business, even more so it is different for even different brands under the same industry. AvidMobile employees all work with real accounts in the Real World. One of the interesting things with many technology providers and sales people in the exact space we are in is that they produce technology and yet don’t provide services to actual end-user clients (Restaurants, retailers, car washes, etc). So we should ask them: How can you teach me the techniques required to run successful campaigns if you aren’t actually running any? Call us today and talk to any of our knowledgeable personnel for 5 minutes and discuss mobile marketing generically with them. If nothing else, consider it a free education on the type of dynamic, integrated campaigns that will work. How do we know? Because we have tested them over the years.