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New SMS Couponing Module from Avid Mobile Offers Effective Green Commercial Tools

LogoMobile marketing experts Avid Mobile have recently unveiled a new short message service (SMS) coupon module that is both economical and ecologically sound. SMS coupons are a simple and effective business solution in the modern E-marketplace. The new SMS couponing module saves clients time and money in terms of shipping and printing costs alone. With no paper or ink, just a simple easy to access single use text message based coupon carbon credits as well as tangible savings are simply acquired by switching to an SMS couponing module when compared to classic printed coupons.

Avid Mobile Puts Experience to Work for Clients With Effective SMS Reseller Service

LogoA successful boost in business is nowhere near the end of the rewards of a successful short message service (SMS) campaign. The accumulated information and knowledge gained from managing a campaign can easily provide a supplemental income to any size business. The market for SMS data and marketing is constantly growing and refining itself giving businesses of all size the very real possibility of earning extra income by providing SMS services themselves. Avid Mobile excels in this area with an SMS reseller program tailored to assist anyone develop revenue with SMS reselling. Moving clients to engage in your successful SMS practices via Avid Mobile’s SMS reseller program is a logical step to developing additional revenue streams for any size business.

Avid Mobile Delivers Impressive Results With White Label SMS

LogoThere are more than a few white label SMS services available but there are none with the power and marketplace efficiency of Avid Mobile. Avid Mobile integrates white label across platforms making it easier for clients to use their proven service in several aspects of the current market. Clients can rest assured in the knowledge that Avid Mobile has made a wide range of sales and advertising options available in an understandable package. A package that Avid Mobile works with the client to fully integrate and utilize to remarkable results in mobile and web based marketplace. This means not only do clients get the service, they get an understanding of how to best use the service and make help resources consistently available to clients as needed.

Avid Mobile Offers Free Trials of Featuring Outstanding Mobile Marketplace Tools

LogoAvid Mobile, unparalleled leader in mobile marketing, SMS sales technology and whiteboard labeling is currently offering customers a chance to test out the service for free. A free trial on the Avid Mobile website allows customers to test out the applications available to launch a mobile marketing campaign fit for the twenty first century. Covering a wide range of marketplace features and needs the Avid Mobile enterprise level marketing application allows clients to use a pre-built fully integrated marketing campaign that looks seamlessly like it was built and designed in house.

Avid Mobile Website Has a New Look and New Functionality

LogoAvid Mobile, masters of mobile SMS marketing, have given their own site a major facelift. This new look reflects the new approach Avid Mobile is taking in offering a wider array of services. These will be in addition to their already well known basic SMS marketing and mobile platforms. The updated graphics and easy to navigate interface simply and efficiently helps customers make educated decisions about their ultimate choice of mobile web marketing professionals.

Avid Mobile Releases a New Collateral Builder

LogoIn the modern mobile market SMS and text based marketing remain extremely popular, and extremely lucrative, options for marketing and direct customer communication. There are a few basic challenges and initial issues that should be worked through thoroughly when starting an SMS marketing campaign. Building collateral material that makes clients want to opt in, and finding other ways to build customer databases via SMS work arounds can be difficult concepts for companies new to E commerce. Leading online and mobile marketing specialists Avid Mobile are here to assist with everything from database management to collateral building and design services.

Avid Mobile Announces New White Label Mobile Website and App Development Tools

LogoThere is no better way to stay ahead of market competition than keeping ahead in sales techniques and standard practices. Avid Mobile continues to set the standard in keeping ahead of the competition in online and mobile sales technology. Avid Mobile’s newest website and app development tools and new white label mobile website are clear cut examples of their aggressive and progressive sales and marketing approach.

Avid Mobile's New Pop up Notification Revolutionizes Smartphone Ecommerce

LogoOne major slipping point of modern e commerce is the link from app to browser. Customers who do access modern media advertising and SMS or app based advertising want it to be available quickly, cleanly and efficiently. Pausing to enter websites, create links and actually search the web is less convenient on a smartphone than on a tablet or home pc. Avid Mobile, leading SMS wholesaler, has unveiled a brilliant new solution to the changeover. A pop up icon that allows the business icon to be added as an app, that links directly to the business’ primary page.

Virtual Punch Card Eliminates Waste and Fraud

LogoPunch cards are a time honored and effective strategy to maintain and reward repeat customers. Major chains across the world use cardboard punch cards to ensure loyalty. But they present a few problems. Customers can easily lose them, they can be duplicated or handed out by unscrupulous employees, they aren’t eco-friendly and they represent a significant investment and reinvestment pattern that can cause them to cost more than they help. Avid Mobile has invented the perfect solution to all of these problems, while retaining the ease and effectiveness of standard punch cards. Their Virtual Punch Cards application is revolutionizing the way punch card business is handled.

Avid Mobile Releases New Couponing Module

LogoLeading mobile marketing experts AvidMobile are unveiling a new couponing module. This couponing module makes SMS based couponing more effective and easily accessible to a wide array of clients seeking new SMS and mobile E commerce solutions to a growing SMS marketplace. Effective integration of new text based advertising is a key component to the modern marketplace, and AvidMobile intends to show just how easy and effective their SMS couponing is with this new module.