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About Blomfield Legal Griffith Criminal Lawyer Blomfield Legal, Griffith At Blomfield Legal you will meet with a criminal lawyer, who has extensive experience with the criminal law in New South Wales. I am the former prosecutor in Griffith and I am experienced in negotiating against police, as well as running a matter to hearing. I have a solid understanding of the police investigation process, their internal policies, all drawn out of 17 years employment within the New South Wales Police Force. Blomfield Legal is the only dedicated criminal and traffic firm in Griffith. It is important to remember that the onus is on the prosecution always, to prove an offence. It can be possible, even if you have committed the offence, to put the prosecution to task and defend a matter. It is vital that any person charged with an offence gets legal advice as soon as possible. I offer a published fixed fee structure that is not based on Sydney rates. I provide a service that will exceed expectations and I do not charge for the first appointment. I am able to take appointments 7 day a week from 9am through to 10pm . I don’t employ office staff all week so my office can be unattended in which case you should call my mobile phone number. If a matter is urgent call me on 0429 635044. I would advise all people never to talk to the police, if you are the suspect in a criminal investigation. If the police have enough evidence to charge you, they will if they don’t they won’t. No one ever talks their way out of being charged.