BusiNeighbor Inc.

BusiNeighbor Inc. is a Georgia-based 501(c) (3) organization. BusiNeighbor Inc.’s philanthropic efforts include assistance to people and organizations in need: homeless, single parents, elderly, and veterans. “BusiNeighbors” affectionately titled are wonderful and special people. To describe a BusiNeighbor means you actively form valuable relationships with people, small business owners and volunteers because you share compassion for your fellow neighbor. You have a pure and sincere heart and a genuine desire to change people lives for the better regardless of race, gender or economic status. Program History: BusiNeighbor is a new exciting nonprofit organization. The first project titled BusiNeighbor Back to School Shoes Celebration. BusiNeighbor Inc. initiated a cell phone fundraising program with 10 local businesses and a host of generous people. Old and used cell phones were recycled and proceeds were used to purchase and distribute 500 Payless Shoe source gift cards to five incredible organizations that work closely with homeless families. BusiNeighbor offers first-class complimentary seminars and workshops from successful business owners to provide essential information to educate and to empower people and small business owners. Description of purpose, goals and objectives: BusiNeighbor Inc. serves two purposes to help people and to support business owners. BusiNeighbor Inc. believes happy healthy people and flourishing businesses are vital to the health of our communities. BusiNeighbor Inc. partners with small business owners, organizations and volunteers to create a ripple effect of positive change and economic improvement in Georgia communities. The goal is to solve real problems for real people. Geographic area and target population served: BusiNeighbor Inc. partners with local organizations throughout Georgia. BusiNeighbor Inc. serves Georgia communities. BusiNeighbor Inc. assist people in need: homeless, single parents, elderly, and veterans. BusiNeighbor Inc. works together with organizations to foster a relationship based on compassion for our fellow neighbor with an end result; making good things happen for people.