Business Fraud Prevention, LLC - The Vitalics System

Certified Fraud Examiner Julie A. Aydlott has created an easy to use and inexpensive system to protect small businesses against occupational fraud, which is now available in a desktop application. The Vitalics System is an internal control program with an instruction manual on fraud education. Vitalics was created to help small business owners prevent employee mistakes and theft. Aydlott who specializes in small business fraud focuses her services on employee embezzlement, fraud investigations, internal controls as well as fraud prevention. Her main focus in financial crimes is to protect the small business owners from asset misappropriation. This is the reason she created The Vitalics System. Vitalics was first packaged as The Small Business Fraud Prevention Toolkit to help educate on fraud schemes and prevention measures. Upon several requests from clients it was apparent that an internal control audit did not help the owner complete the circle of prevention. The small business was merely told how to implement internal controls, yet they were not provided with the proper tools to implement a program of their own. Realizing that there were very limited internal control systems on the market specifically created for the small business, Aydlott has developed The Vitalics System, with internal control forms and checklists for day to day operations. Now, the owner can be more involved in the bookkeeping review. This is especially important when there is a lack of job segregation. Also included are all of the reminders and checklists to make sure the controls are being followed.