Business Internet Marketing, Inc.

Online marketer, Business Internet Marketing, will train clients’ in-house IT professionals that handles daily SEO work. (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 03, 2011 ) Southfield, MI –Business Internet Marketing, Inc., (BIM) understands that personalized marketing uses technology and ideas that in themselves are not entirely new. As it observed, they have been around in one form or another since the 1970’s. However, personalized marketing is truly a new marketing paradigm because of at least two very critical differences: The individual customer, the person, is an interactive participant in real time; and, new technologies give businesses the ability to make that real time interaction a unique, personalized, experience for each customer. BIM offers a training to its small business clients that aids them in navigating the ever changing marketing terrain. Many still do not understand the internet marketing terrain and its many moods and transformations. Quality traffic generation and conversion of that traffic are at the forefront of BIM’s business philosophy. They strive constantly for fulfillment of desired actions on the client’s site and the ability to report not just search engine placement but actual search traffic and conversion data by search engine optimization and targeted keyword phrase(s). People still go to the local mall after work to shop. But today, they can take five minutes out of their lunch break to research the products they are planning to buy first. BIM is capturing customers for their clients before they ever take that shopping trip to the mall. Contact BIM from anywhere in North America for a free analysis of how internet marketing can help the bottom line, the middle line and the top line.